Foreo Luna Vogue Review


Award Winning Swedish-based Skincare Brand FOREO is taking the beauty industry by storm with its iconic new range of beauty solutions. Their  approach to beauty is based on sophisticated innovations that deliver tangible, lasting results. By developing revolutionary products that surpass the cosmetic, providing a smarter, more effective way to care for yourself they have established themselves as a firm favourite amongst around the World.  FOREO has now officially launched here in Nigeria and Sacred Beauty are Proud to be working with the Brand.  Together we aim to revolutionize the beauty industry with a simple promise – to give a new-found confidence to millions through innovative beauty solutions that work.

No matter what your skin type whether you’re normal, combination, sensitive or looking for male skincare to combat ingrowing hairs and razor burn, we have the right Luna for you!  Living in Africa our skin is constantly subjected to heat, pollution, grease and even air conditioning which can all have an adverse effect, making it appear to be dull or congested. Using the Foreo facial cleansing device, you can give your skin the chance to glow, revealing cleaner, softer, clearer, smoother skin. You will see a difference within a few days!  It also aids in the absorption of products, which means that you’re facial creams / cleansers will work much more effectively vs using your hands alone.

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